Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are required for the treatment of cavities. A cavity is a damaged or weakened are on the surface of your teeth that can sometimes develop into small holes. Dental fillings correct this problem by filling these little holes back in, restoring and protecting the tooth from further damage.

You May Need To Receive A Dental Filling, If:

  • You have visible holes or dark spots on your teeth
  • You experience a dull pain or ache in a tooth, which doesn’t seem to subside
  • There are visible cracks or chips in a tooth
  • Your teeth have a sudden sensitivity to heat and cold
  • There’s a sharp pain when pressure is applied to a tooth

Fillings used to be made of precious metals because they were able to last for many years. In fact, silver and gold amalgam fillings are still used today, however we also have many new options available. These include tooth-colored resin composites, glass ionomer cement, and even porcelain. Dr. Renee Shepherd will help you choose a filling type for your own unique circumstances, based on the location of the filling, the amount of restoration needed, and your own personal preference.

The Steps Of Receiving A Filling

  • First, you’ll receive a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and its surrounding tissues
  • The damaged part of the tooth will be removed using a drill or a laser
  • After the decay has been removed, the cavity will be thoroughly washed out in order to remove any bacteria
  • Once the tooth is clean, the filling material will be applied in multiple layers – a special light will be applied to each layer in order to harden the material to the tooth
  • Lastly, the filling material will be shaped and trimmed as necessary, and thoroughly polished

If you’re experiencing symptoms of a cavity and think you may need a filling, please call Longmont Dental & Orthodontics located in Longmont, CO in order to set up an appointment!