Rotary Endodontics

Most of the time, if you’re undergoing a root canal, your dentist probably hasn’t mentioned the kind of tools that will be used to perform the procedure. As long as the procedure works, you might not think the tools even matter much. However, if your root canal was performed using traditional methods, it may have been a bit stressful and anxiety inducing.

Here at Longmont Dental & Orthodontics, we use a method known as rotary endodontic technology – this will make your root canal procedure go more smoothly and your experience much more comfortable than ever before.

What is a root canal?

Your teeth have three main parts – the outer enamel, the dentin, and the inner pulp of the tooth. This pulp contains blood vessels and nerves. Damage to the outside of your tooth is fairly easy to repair, usually with a filling, but an infection inside the pulp of your tooth will need root canal therapy in order to save the tooth.

Root canal therapy, also called endodontic therapy, removes the infection from the pulp of the tooth from inside the tooth’s root. Once the infection is gone, the canals of the root are cleaned and sealed and a crown is placed over top of the tooth to protect from further infection. Root canals have often been performed manually, but with the development of rotary endodontics, it’s become much easier for both the patient and the dentist!

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics uses electric instruments in order to perform the root canal, instead of using the manual files that have been used in the past. These electric tools have a titanium tip, making it much more flexible than the stainless steel manual tools. Because of this increased flexibility of the titanium, the instrument can reach much further into the curved root canals without risking damage to the passageways. This means that your procedure will be much quicker and more reliable. In addition, the electric tools are much quieter and smoother and won’t be accompanied by the loud grinding that the manual tools sometimes make. This noise is usually a source of anxiety for our patient, so eliminating it should make you feel much more at ease.

If you need to have root canal therapy, and would like to experience the quieter, quicker and more comfortable method of rotary endodontics, please contact Longmont Dental & Orthodontics to set up an appointment.